What is the Hammerhead Bodyboard?

A Hammerhead Bodyboards Feature GraphicTrue Revolution in Bodyboard Design

Hello again and welcome back to the Hammerhead Bodyboards Blog! Since the creation of modern Bodyboarding in 1971, the shape of bodyboards has changed gradually over the years. With advancements in technology, materials, and engineering, bodyboarding today has evolved as one of the most competitive water sports in many countries all over the world. Not only have bodyboards improved by leaps and bounds, bodyboarders have also steadily pushed the limits on their boards and the status quo in the sport of bodyboarding. Today we’d like to show you just how the Hammerhead Bodyboard is once again driving advancements in the realm of bodyboard design and performance! Da Supa Fins, creators of the Hammerhead Bodyboard, drew their inspiration from the Hammerhead Shark and utilized concepts from such disciplines as aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, and ergonomics to create a bodyboard unlike any other ever made! Read on to learn more about the Hammerhead!

Hammerhead Bodyboard Features

The Hammerhead Bodyboard was designed with many different types of riders in mind. We wanted a board that could help beginners get out there and ride while also allowing experienced riders to elevate their skills and get more out of every wave. To accomplish this, we designed the Hammerhead with a never before seen wide-head and narrow chamber and built it with durable aerospace grade materials and precision. The wide head is ideal for biting into the face of a wave when riders are trying to catch it and increasing the water pressure underneath the board.  The narrow chamber better channels the water under the board to the tail section of the board, where it is expelled.  The crescent shape of the Hammerhead Bodyboard offers the greatest hold in steep waves and also interferes less with the flow of water along the underside of the board. The topside, or deck, of the Hammerhead is made of Tight Cell Deck (TCD) Polypropylene and is engineered to better accommodate the body of the rider, which makes it one of the most comfortable bodyboards ever built.  These unique and patented design features is what makes the Hammerhead Bodyboard such a formidable board amongst the typical body board shapes of today.

Experience Hammerhead Bodyboards

Never before has there been a more aggressive, resilient, and well designed bodyboard than the Hammerhead Bodyboard. If you want to catch more waves, increase your board speed and control, and pull off more of your favorite tricks, then try the Hammerhead Bodyboard today! Be sure to see the Hammerhead Bodyboard in action for yourself in the Photo Gallery.  Curious about what actual Hammerhead Bodyboard owners are saying about the performance of our boards?  Our Testimonials page is full reviews from real Hammerhead Bodyboard riders who have taken their bodyboarding to the next level!  Hammerhead bodyboards are built to perform day after day, and as such, we stand firmly behind (and on!) our bodyboards with a limited One Year Warranty on every board.  Hammerhead Bodyboards are currently available in four styles, three colors, and two sizes: 41.5″ and 44″.  Ready for the ride of your life? Get your own Hammerhead Bodyboard at the Board Shop and get riding today!