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Hello and welcome to the Hammerhead Bodyboards Blog, your best source for all the latest and greatest news about Hammerhead Bodyboards related events, special deals, and products!  Da Supa Fins is proud and excited to introduce our flagship product, the Hammerhead BodyBoard!  Designed and engineered for bodyboarders of all ages and skill levels, the Hammerhead Bodyboard is revolutionizing bodyboarding all around the world!  Read on to learn all about how the Hammerhead Bodyboard is challenging the current paradigm of bodyboarding and bodyboard design.

What Makes Hammerhead Bodyboards Superior?

Research, development, and design! The Hammerhead Bodyboard was engineered and designed from the ground up by inventor and entrepreneur Nader “Nanoa” Parsia. Mr. Parsia has a strong and diverse background in mechanical engineering and Aviation Technology earned from such esteemed academic institutions as Brigham Young University in Utah and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida. Inspired by nature and the joy that board sports bring to millions of people around the world, Nader Parsia looked at existing bodyboard designs and endeavored to improve upon them! Nader wanted riders to have improved control, increased stability, and better enjoyment of the waves! After long hours of extensive research, development, and rigorous testing, the Hammerhead Bodyboard was ready to hit the water! By combining adept engineering with advanced materials, the Hammerhead Bodyboard is intended to outperform typical bodyboards in every category!

Why Try The Hammerhead?

The Hammerhead Shark is well known in marine biology for its speed, agility, and distinctive head shape which is known as a cephalofoil. Hammerheads display advanced close-quarters maneuverability which allows them to execute razor-sharp turns and fluid movements without sacrificing any stability or momentum! The unique and patented design of the Hammerhead Bodyboard allows riders more control, maneuverability, and stability by mimicking the natural characteristics of the Hammerhead Shark! Some of the most important design features of the Hammerhead Bodyboard include:

  • Hydrodynamic and Airfoil Design Elements
  • Wide Hammerhead Cephalofoil Design
  • Fusion Bonded (NEVER GLUED!) EPE Foam Core
  • Tight Cell Cross-link Polypropylene Deck(TCD)
  • Aerospace Grade Graphite Stringer
  • Aggressive Crescent Tail Design

Order Your Hammerhead Bodyboard Today!

If you’ve had bodyboards in the past that feel like you’re riding a mattress down the face of a wave, then the HammerHead Bodyboard is going to be like nothing you’ve ever ridden before! If you want to catch more waves, have more fun, and spend more time riding, get a Hammerhead! We are so sure that our boards will hold up over time, every time you ride that we offer a limited one year warranty on all Hammerhead board! Go faster, turn sharper, and ride longer with the high performance design of the Hammerhead Bodyboard today! Be sure to check out our testimonials section to see what bodyboarders of all ages and skill levels are saying about the Hammerhead Bodyboard!  You can find all of our latest bodyboards, accessories, and special deals at the Hammerhead Board Shop.