Top 5 Bodyboarding Tricks!

Hammerhead Bodyboarder catching air

Best Bodyboarding Tricks

Welcome back to the Hammerhead Bodyboards Blog! Today we want to present some of our favorite bodyboarding tricks, spins, and maneuvers and share them with our followers! Hammerhead Bodyboards were invented to make riding and pulling off epic tricks easier for riders of all ages and skill levels.  With our one of a kind board shape and design, the Hammerhead Bodyboard represents a true revolution in bodyboarding! More speed, better board control, and bigger air is exactly what Hammerhead Bodyboard engineers had in mind when they envisioned this board.  Take a look at the list of the Hammerhead Bodyboards Top 5 Favorite Tricks and see if your favorite made the list!

 Our Favorite Bodyboarding Tricks

  1. El Rollo: To execute this classic, use the lip of the wave to “roll” over and quickly complete an arc before landing in the flats. There are many variants of the classic “El Rollo”.
  2. 360° Spin: To bust a 360 the rider centers their weight in the middle of the board and spins a full rotation. Variants include Reverse 360 and Forward 360.
  3. Inverted Air: This trick is of “aquatic” air variety and happens when a rider accelerates up a closed out section of a wave, launches with their back toward the flats, and land it right side up again.
  4. Air Roll Spin (ARS):This trick is an aerial combo of the first two tricks on this list and is achieved by gaining momentum and pulling off a half roll with an inward spin after going airborne on the wave.
  5. Good Ol’ Fashioned Barrel: By far our favorite part of bodyboarding, when you catch that perfect barrel you’ll remember it forever. There’s just nothing like shredding a smooth and well formed barrel!

Get Your Hammerhead Bodyboard Today!

Did you find your favorite bodyboarding trick on our list of favorites? Hammerhead Bodyboards are uniquely suited for executing the sickest tricks and biggest airs because we used advanced engineering to create a revolutionary board design. Designed for increased board speed, unrivaled maneuverability, and total board control, the Hammerhead Bodyboard can help you make the most out of every golden opportunity to show your best stuff out in the water. Be sure to check out our Rider Testimonials to see what actual Hammerhead Bodyboard users have to say about our boards! You can find all of our boards and accessories at the Hammerhead Board Shop now!