Spring Bodyboarding Season

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Hammerhead Bodyboards Ready to Shred Spring Swells

Welcome back to the Hammerhead Bodyboards Blog, where our passion is everything bodyboarding! With Spring approaching fast and only a few weeks out, we wanted to tell you about what to expect during typical swells during the upcoming season. It’s very important to make sure that you are well prepared before heading out to shred waves during Springtime because surf conditions can vary drastically from those of other seasons. Hammerhead Bodyboards are designed and crafted for superior performance in all types of surf and water temperatures for great sessions year round. Read on to learn more about Spring and how the change in season could affect your performance.

Spring Surf Conditions

Spring bodyboarding is a great way to take advantage of the changes in surf attributable to this transitional time of the year. The entire Pacific Ocean can deliver heavy swells during Spring and as such there is a tendency to see lots of action coming from the Northwest and Southwest areas from mid to late March and throughout May. You will definitely want to have your Hammerhead Bodyboard ready for when some of the biggest swells of the year start rolling in from the Southern Hemisphere when waters start to warm up.  With the advanced engineering, revolutionary design, and aggressive performance of the Hammerhead Bodyboard, you won’t want to miss a single set this Spring. As 2015 expects to see more of the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) effect, warmer ocean surface temps could also help to produce some epic surf this Spring and all through the Summer months.  Overall, Spring presents a perfect opportunity to shake of the Winter cobwebs and get out into some serious swells.  If you want to fully capitalize on the Springtime swells, you should get yourself a Hammerhead Bodyboard and see just how much more you can improve and enjoy your bodyboarding sessions this year!

Tired of Your Bodyboard?

If you aren’t stoked every time you grab your bodyboard and head out to the beach, then it may be time to do some Spring cleaning to make room for the revolutionary Hammerhead Bodyboard! Younger or less experienced riders will find that the revolutionary Wide-Head design of the Hammerhead helps them to catch more waves and get the most out of every session. More experienced bodyboarders can utilize the aerodynamic, hydrodynamic, and ergonomic features of the Hammerhead Bodyboard to focus on growing their overall riding skills, board control, and trick execution. You can see what Hammerhead riders of all ages and skill levels have to say about riding a bodyboard specifically engineered for faster, smoother, and more aggressive ride on our Testimonials page! Once you’ve decided that you want to take your bodyboard up a notch, head on over to the Hammerhead Board Shop to find the right board for all of your riding needs!