Revolutionary Bodyboard Design

Orange Hammerhead Bodyboard On Shore
Hammerhead Bodyboards: Revolutionizing Board Design

Aggressive Design & Performance

No matter how long you’ve been bodyboarding, you’ve never seen anything like the Hammerhead Bodyboard! Envisioned, engineered, and designed by Da Supafins, the revolutionary shape and features of the Hammerhead Bodyboard utilize elements from several scientific disciplines including aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, ergonomics, to give bodyboarders of all ages and skill ranges an edge on every wave.  With the Hammerhead Bodyboard, riders can benefit from the multitude of advantages that our patented board shape delivers such as:

  • Increased Board Speed
  • Enhanced Board Control & Maneuverability
  • Ergonomic Design Fights Rider Fatigue
  • Rugged Materials Resist Damage & Wear
  • Sharper Cuts, Faster spins, Bigger Air

Designed with All Ages in Mind

The creators of the Hammerhead Bodyboard envisioned a board that is comfortable, durable, and that also utilized the mathematical and physical principles of motion to help riders of all age and skill levels excel in the water.  We wanted to create a boar that helps novice to intermediate bodyboarders learn the fundamentals faster while also enabling more advanced riders to truly take their talents to the next level.  The Hammerhead Bodyboard is designed to execute the full range of board spins, tricks, and aerials without sacrificing any speed, control, or stability.  Hammerhead Bodyboards are currently available in multiple colors, several different styles, and two sizes in order to accommodate riders of varying ages and heights.  Whether it’s your first bodyboard or your fifteenth, the Hammerhead Bodyboard will revolutionize the way you ride!

We Stand Behind Our Boards

Not only do we stand behind the Hammerhead Bodyboard with a 1 Year Limited Warranty, we also ride our own boards as often as we can! We meant it when we decided to design a better bodyboard for everybody! In fact testing the Hammerhead Bodyboard was one of the best parts about this revolutionary board! For every hour spent designing and building the board, there are probably two hours spent riding and testing them on beaches around the world.  Whether you are looking to enjoy more of your recreational bodyboarding or if you need a more complete board to grow your skills in competition, the Hammerhead Bodyboard has all of the qualities that you want in a great board.  If you’re ready to take your bodyboarding to the next level, then be sure to check out the Hammerhead Board Shop to find your board!  Until next time, Ride On!