Dominance by Design

We’ve taken the time to design the Hammerhead Bodyboard to enhance the bodyboarding experience for riders of all ages and skill levels! Beginning riders and experienced veterans alike will benefit from the increased control, maneuverability, and stability of the revolutionary Hammerhead Bodyboard design. Inspired by natural elements of the Hammerhead shark, the Hammerhead Bodyboard utilizes advanced aerodynamic and ergonomic concepts to minimize hydrodynamic resistance and maximize board speed and lift.  Since the waves never change their motion, our only option was to design and build a bodyboard that belongs in the surf. The result is a better ride, every time with the Hammerhead Bodyboard!

Relentless Performance

Ideal board weight, flex, and stiffness achieved by the aerospace grade materials and design of the Hammerhead Bodyboard provides riders with commanding performance advantages over regular shaped boards. Hammerhead boards help new riders catch more waves for quality practice and while allowing experienced riders to maneuver faster and smoother along the face of the wave for quicker spins and seamless tricks. The Hammerhead Bodyboard features a patented “Wide-Head” design coupled with narrower side channels for tighter turns, improved overall board speed, and total control in motion.  The ergonomic elements of the Hammerhead Bodyboard help to prevent rider fatigue so you can enjoy longer and higher quality sessions.  Whether you are trying to catch more waves, get bigger air, or hone your drop-knee, the Hammerhead Bodyboard can help get you there.

Superior Engineering & Materials

The Hammerhead Bodyboard was designed by engineer and inventor Nader “Nanoa” Parsia to help bodyboarders dominate the waves year round while enhancing the overall bodyboarding experience for riders of all ages and skill levels.  Hammerhead Bodyboards are finely crafted from all weather materials that are thermo-bonded and NEVER GLUED!  We’ve seen too many bodyboards that crease like paper, snap like driftwood, or that just simply delaminate due to poor craftsmanship.  We resolved to design and build a durable, comfortable, and revolutionary bodyboard that addresses each of these requirements and much more. To prove our commitment to our customers and to the quality of our boards, we stand firmly behind every Hammerhead Bodyboard with a 1 Year Limited Warranty!  You can find our latest board designs, styles, and accessories at our online BoardShop.