Huge Hammerhead News!

Hammerhead Bodyboards Top-Secret Project

Project Codename: FF7

Welcome back to the Hammerhead Bodyboards Blog! Today we have some really exciting news to share with our followers! Revolutionary¬†Hammerhead Bodyboards have been asked to participate in a project of astronomic proportions! We can’t really divulge much at this point, but we can neither confirm nor deny that Hammerhead Bodyboards may be making an appearance in what is sure to be one of the most anticipated blockbuster films of 2015! ¬†We are absolutely thrilled and honored to be included in such a tremendously important and epic project, especially considering the unique circumstances of the project.

Why Ride a Hammerhead Bodyboard?

What makes Hammerhead Bodyboards so special? The answers lay in the revolutionary design, engineering, and features of a bodyboard unlike any other! Da Supafins engineering team specifically designed the Hammerhead Bodyboard to ride faster, smoother, and sharper than any bodyboard before. By incorporating closely studied elements of aerodynamic, hydrodynamic, ergonomic, and airfoil engineering, the Hammerhead Bodyboard is single handedly revolutionizing the bodyboarding world. Increased board speed, more aggressive turns, and incredible stability are just some of the enhancements that the Hammerhead Bodyboard can add to your ride. In addition to its astounding performance, Hammerhead Bodyboards are ergonomically designed to reduce muscle and rider fatigue with the patented Wide Head shape and contour deck.

Get Your Hammerhead Bodyboard Today!

It’s definitely no secret where you can find your perfect Hammerhead Bodyboard. All of your favorite boards and accessories are available at the Hammerhead Board Shop. If you’re tired of your old or damaged bodyboard then go ahead and give the Hammerhead Bodyboard a try. Every single Hammerhead board comes with a limited One Year Warranty because we always stand behind anything with our name on it! If you are ready to catch more waves, get more barrels, and get higher air, then the Hammerhead Bodyboard will take you on a ride that you’ll never forget! You can see all our awesome shots of the Hammerhead in action on our Gallery page. Join the movement with the truly revolutionary design of the Hammerhead Bodyboard today!