My kids love the Hammerhead Bodyboard. We take it to the beach, jump in, and ride the waves.
It keeps them busy all day and they’re really fun! Every mom should get their kids a Hammerhead Bodyboard.

When I bodyboard with a standard board it’s good to cruise and maybe turn a little, but with the Hammerhead Bodyboard, I can drop in and cut really hard to go up the face of the wave. It is a lot of fun!


The Hammerhead Bodyboard is great! I’ve tried a lot of bodyboards and nothing compares to it. I love the contour of the board. I love that I can do all these tricks…all with just one board!


It’s a lot faster and easier to ride than a regular bodyboard!


The shape affects the ride because it’s more aerodynamic. Due to the way the nose is shaped, you get more speed. And the turns on the Hammerhead Bodyboard are really efficient.