A Revolutionary Board Design

The Hammerhead Bodyboard utilizes design elements from the scientific disciplines of aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, and ergonomics to give bodyboarders of all skill levels more speed, maneuverability, and control than any board before! Inspired by and modeled after one of the ocean’s fastest predators, the Hammerhead Bodyboard has been expertly designed to mimic the natural agility, balance, and fluidity of the Hammerhead Shark.  The wider head, narrow camber, and low profile of the Hammerhead Bodyboard provides increased board speed and lift while minimizing drag in both air and water.

The inventor of the Hammerhead Bodyboard and longtime resident of the Hawaiian island of Molokai, Nader “Nanoa” Parsia specifically designed this board to enhance the bodyboarding experience for beach and board sport enthusiasts all over the world.  By helping beginning riders learn the fundamentals of bodyboarding faster and by allowing more experienced riders to hone their skills and talents, the Hammerhead Bodyboard was engineered purely for rider enjoyment.  Our boards are also designed for strength, durability, and unrelenting performance and each one is backed by our limited  one-year warranty.

Strength & Durability

Designed with aerospace grade materials and engineering, Hammerhead Bodyboards are built for performance!

Wide Head:  The revolutionary shape and design of the Hammerhead Bodyboard is ideal for helping riders bite into waves and execute smoother spins, bigger aerials, and better drop-knees than ever before. Catch more waves with the Hammerhead Bodyboard!

Side Cambers:  As the water pressure increases beneath the board, the narrow design of the side cambers allows for improved board control, better overall lift on the wave face, and streamlined movement for increased speed and performance.

Deck:  Constructed from high quality Tight Cell Deck (TCD) Polypropylene, this advanced material allows for the perfect combination of board flex and strength.  The contoured deck of the Hammerhead is recessed to create a more comfortable ride and a better overall physical profile while in motion.

Core:  The strength and durability of the Hammerhead Bodyboard comes from the core materials and design. Hammerhead cores consist of sturdy and durable Extruded Polyethylene (EPE) Foam, which is ideal for both warm and cold water performance.

Stringer:  Manufactured using an aerospace-grade graphite composite, Hammerhead Bodyboard stringers help to maintain the proper board strength, stiffness, and resilience under the constant force of waves.  Graphite stringers also help to protect both the board and riders from damage while maintaining the performance enhancing qualities.

Bottom:  Fabricated from high-density Surlyn® by DuPont™, the bottom skin of the Hammerhead Bodyboard is designed with two separate channels to facilitate the better flow of water from the wide-head and narrow camber of the board to the crescent tail.  As one of the most important components of the Hammerhead Bodyboard, the design of the bottom of the board truly reflects the in depth research and engineering behind it.  The dense, smooth Surlyn finish allows the Hammerhead Bodyboard to achieve unrivaled speed and board handling for sharper movements, bigger tricks and stunning aerial maneuvers.

Enhanced Maneuverability

Bodyboarding requires riders to be patient and well prepared for when the next set of waves rolls in.  The revolutionary design of the Hammerhead Bodyboard helps to ensure that you get the most experience and enjoyment from every wave you ride.  The patented wide-head Hammerhead design allows bodyboarders to attack waves with more board speed and improved lift from the hydrofoil engineering elements.  Inexperienced riders will benefit from the enhanced board handling and control while more experienced riders can take full advantage of the increased speed and agility provided by Hammerhead Bodyboards. If you’ve ever felt like your bodyboard just isn’t performing up to your ability or standards, then the Hammerhead Bodyboard can help take you to the next level in all of your recreational and competitive boarding endeavors! Ride faster, pull off better tricks, and get way more out of your board with a Hammerhead Bodyboard!

Ergonomic Comfort

The Hammerhead Bodyboard features an ergonomically optimized wide-head design that helps riders conveniently rest their arms and upper body while they wait for the next set to come in.  The lower half of the deck of the Hammerhead is slightly contoured to allow riders to lay deeper into the board for a more comfortable and aerodynamic ride.  The ergonomic design features of the Hammerhead Bodyboard help to reduce muscle fatigue to keep riders catching and shredding waves longer. Proper board stiffness with just the right amount of flex and recoil allow riders to get the most out of every wave that they catch. Be sure to check out what folks are saying about our bodyboards on our Testimonials page! Get your board today to ride longer, shred harder, and have more fun with the revolutionary Hammerhead Bodyboard today!