Bodyboarding Tips for Beginners

Hammerhead Bodyboards Tips for Beginners

Hammerhead Bodyboards: Tips for Beginners

Welcome back to the Hammerhead Bodyboards Blog! Today we wanted to cover some tips for bodyboarders who are literally just getting their feet wet and are looking to improve their fundamental riding skills. Hammerhead Bodyboard inventor Nader “Nanoa” Parsia specifically designed elements of the Hammerhead to help facilitate learning board and speed control for new riders.  In fact, Hammerhead Bodyboards are designed to help riders catch more waves, maneuver better on the face of the wave, and execute a wider variety of tricks.  When new bodyboarders get the most practice and experience out of their sessions, they can learn much more than just the basics over a relatively short time period. Bodyboarding is a very fun and physically demanding water sport that requires a unique skill set.  Hammerhead Bodyboards offers the following tips for beginner level bodyboarders:

  1. Strong Swimming Skills: Make sure you can swim suitable distances and that you can hold your breath for at least 20-30 seconds underwater. Waves can be rough and unpredictable sometimes, so new riders need to be in good physical shape to withstand the elements of the surf during their sessions. Upper body strength is especially crucial in bodyboarding. Also, LEARN HOW TO DUCKDIVE UNDER WAVES!
  2. The Right Equipment: Your bodyboard, wetsuit, and fins all need to be comfortable and appropriate for your body size. Equipment that fits right is going to help your performance dramatically, especially after you’ve “broken it in” and become accustomed to it. Hammerhead Bodyboards come in two optimal sizes, multiple styles, and are designed for riders up to 6’6″.  Selecting the right bodyboard is a critical step that many beginning bodyboarders overlook, which could potentially affect safety and performance.
  3. Scope Out the Surf Before you charge out on your Hammerhead Bobyboard at your favorite surf locale, it’s important to know what you’re literally jumping into. Check out the conditions of the surf: current, water temp, high tide/low tide, how far out the breakers are, and what the waves are doing- are they closing out, going left or right, etc. Are there any other bodyboarders or surfers? Do you see any exposed reef or rock? Taking just a couple minutes to answer these basic questions can have a huge impact on your session.
  4. Go For it! Now that you have your gear and a good idea about what the waves are doing, CHARGE IT! Apply any board wax and affix your leash before going into the water.  Carry your fins with you until the water is about knee high and then put them on.  If you put your fins on before getting into the water, walk backwards for an easier entry with fins.  Prepare to face some breaking waves and whitewater before you get to your desired riding spot. Now, you just have to wait for the perfect set to come in so you can shred it!
  5. Respect Our Beaches: At Hammerhead Bodyboards, we are committed to keeping our beaches and oceans safe and clean for everybody. We ask new bodyboarders to you show their respect to the earth by not littering, being courteous to other riders at all times, and by following proper water etiquette. If your favorite surf spot is crowded, then be sure to take turns and announce your intentions if you are sharing a wave with another rider i.e.: Calling out “Left or Right” once you begin your ride. This helps to prevent injuries and conflicts with other riders in the water. As a matter of principle, at Hammerhead Bodyboards we pick up a few pieces of trash off the beach after every session, and we encourage you to do so as well!

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