Bodyboarding Safety 101

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Bodyboarding Safety Tips

Every year Millions of enthusiastic bodyboarders, swimmers, and surfers hit the beach to ride the waves. Unfortunately, every year we still lose riders to the unstoppable forces of the ocean in accidents that are largely preventable. While Hammerhead Bodyboards were created for pure enjoyment, we still think it’s incredibly important to cover some basic bodyboarding and water safety tips in today’s post in the Hammerhead Bodyboards Blog. Read on to learn about some of the ways that you can help keep yourself and your fellow bodyboarders safe in the surf! You never know, the life you save could be your own or someone you know!

Board & Water Safety

There are a couple rules of water safety that should always be followed every single time that you and your friends head out for a session in the surf. By knowing and following these rules listed below, you can single handedly help to avoid preventable tragedies in the water. This short list will highlight some of the best ways to make sure that you are bodyboarding responsibly, including:

  • Rule #1: NEVER Bodyboard Alone! This might be the first or even the 400th time that you’ve heard the “Buddy System” rule, but it is easily THE most important rule of every water sport. Everybody has a responsibility to keep themselves and other riders as safe as possible at all times when out in the water.
  • Rule #2: ALWAYS Use the right Equipment! Bodyboarders can minimize risk of wipeouts and injury by always using the proper equipment for their skill level and size. Making sure to always attach your leash and wearing fins that fit well is key to optimal bodyboarding safety and performance. It’s important to note that Hammerhead Bodyboards are available in multiple sizes and styles to accommodate almost every
  • Rule #3: Be Aware of Your Environment Surf conditions can change rapidly and more riders means more potential obstacles. Never get too close to swimmers, surfers, or other bodyboarders and always obey posted signs about designated areas of the beach. Be vigilant about rip currents, and never bail your board if you get into trouble in the water. Paddle parallel to shore to escape rip currents and STAY CALM.

Avoiding Serious Wipeouts

By being aware of your surroundings at all times while in the water, you will be able to identify and avoid potential hazards like hidden or exposed reef, rocks, or rips. Here’s a few more ways to help avoid injury or damage to yourself and your board:

  • Duck Dive! Push your board underwater and dive underneath large waves that you aren’t going to ride. When in doubt duck dive any wave you aren’t sure of, there will always be another wave!
  • Beware of Shallow Waters Most bodyboarding injuries happen in shallow areas with large shore break waves. Try to cover your face and head if you think you might be about to get thrashed in a wave.
  • Ride Within Your Limits It’s natural to want to challenge yourself during your bodyboarding sessions, but don’t overdo it. Don’t ride really rough surf or ride waves that are outside of your abilities.

Hammerhead Bodyboards are designed with many different riders in mind and we know how much is riding on our boards. That’s why we engineered the Hammerhead Bodyboard to enhance the overall experience for riders of all ages and skill levels. Our strict manufacturing standards, high quality materials, and One Year Limited Warranty ensures that your Hammerhead Bodyboard will be there for you wave after wave! ¬†Visit the Hammerhead Board Shop to find our latest boards, designs, and accessories! ¬†Until next time, have fun and stay safe everybody!