Bodyboarding Basics

Hammerhead Bodyboarder riding wave

Bodyboarding Basics

Hey everybody, thanks for stopping by to check out today’s Hammerhead Bodyboards Blog! We’d like to focus on beginning bodyboarders today with our post on some key fundamental elements that can help those just starting out to have a smoother entry into the sport of Bodyboarding. In fact, one of the primary purposes for developing the Hammerhead Bodyboard was to create a revolutionary new board design that benefits riders of all ages and skill levels.  Read on to learn more about basic bodyboarding terms and concepts that you should become familiar with if you want to make more than a splash when you hit the beach!

Parts of a Wave

If you’ve ever surfed or ridden a bodyboard before, then the chances are pretty good that you have carved up at least a few good waves. But how well do you know waves? Listed below are the main parts of a wave:

  • Crest: The highest point of a wave.
  • Trough: The lowest point of a wave.
  • Face/Wall: The rideable area where bodyboarders “drop in” to the wave.
  • Lip/Falls: The leading or forward (usually falling) part of the wave.
  • Tube/Barrel/Curl: The Sweet Spot under the falling lip on the face  of the wave.
  • Pit: Steepest area of wave face with greatest speed.
  • Shoulder: The least steep area of the wave and farthest from the pit.

Basic Board Maneuvers

  • Bottom Turn: Shift your weight to R or L side using your hip, elbow, and leg to dig the rail of the board in while lifting the opposite side rail. TIP: Shift weight forward to gain speed for your next move!
  • Cutback: On a left wave, begin this two turn combo with a right toward the barrel and then execute a hard left “cutback” in the trough to bring you back along the face.TIP: Start cutbacks early to avoid wipeouts!
  • 360 Spin: On a good takeoff and in the curl of the wave, start a left turn and once the rails engage center yourself on the board and lift legs to complete the spin.TIP: Be careful not to over-rotate your 360 Spin!

Ready to Ride the Hammerhead Bodyboard?

Now that you have almost all you need to get out and ride waves, you just need a bodyboard that’s going to help keep you in control while you experiment out there. The Hammerhead Bodyboard is perfect for novice riders because it provides maximum board maneuverability, performance, and comfort. Catch more waves, have more fun, and sharpen your skills with the Hammerhead Bodyboard!  Be sure to view the Hammerhead Bodyboard Gallery to see great shots of the Hammerhead in action!  You can always find our latest and greatest bodyboard designs, styles, and accessories exclusively at the Hammerhead Board Shop!