Huge Hammerhead News!

Hammerhead Bodyboards Top-Secret ProjectHammerhead Bodyboards announces their collaboration on a Top Secret Project of enormous proportions. Read on to see more details of this awesome covert operation codename: FF7!

Bodyboarding Basics

Hammerhead Bodyboarder riding waveThe Hammerhead Bodyboards Blog covers some of the basics of bodyboarding in today’s post. Read on to learn about the parts of waves and how to pull off some basic maneuvers!

Revolutionary Bodyboard Design

Orange Hammerhead Bodyboard On ShoreCurious about what makes the Hammerhead Bodyboard outperform the competition? Check out the details on our Blog post about the revolutionary design and development of the Hammerhead Bodyboard!

Top 5 Bodyboarding Tricks!

Hammerhead Bodyboarder catching airJoin us on the Hammerhead Bodyboards Blog today where we’ll talk about out favorite bodyboarding tricks! See if your favorite made the Hammerhead Bodyboard list of best tricks!

Bodyboarding Safety 101

Hammerhead BodyboardsToday’s Hammerhead Bodyboard Blog is all about staying safe and alert while in the water. We also cover some tips to help avoid serious wipeouts, board damage, and bodyboarding injuries!

Hammerhead Bodyboards Blog!

Hammerhead Bodyboard wavehouseWelcome to the Hammerhead Bodyboards Blog! The Hammerhead Bodyboard has a revolutionary design that closely mimics the structural and hydrodynamic attributes of the Hammerhead Shark! Read on to learn more about what sets the Hammerhead Bodyboard so far apart from typical board designs!