Inspired by Nature

The Hammerhead Shark is one of the most successful predators and  of the oceans of the world.  Hammerheads owe their success to their unique and characteristic physical adaptations.  Hammerhead Sharks can achieve underwater speeds of up to 25 mph (28.7 knots) and are known for their incredible agility and deft maneuverability.  The revolutionary design of the Hammerhead Bodyboard is owed exclusively to the wide-head and slim cambers envisioned and created by the Da Supa Fins engineers.  By combining airfoil and hydrofoil design elements, the Hammerhead Bodyboard was created to help riders catch more waves, have more fun riding, and stay riding longer for an entirely enhanced bodyboarding experience unlike any before!

Engineered to Enhance Your Ride

The Hammerhead Bodyboard was engineered and designed from the ground up by inventor and entrepreneur Nader “Nanoa” Parsia. Mr. Parsia’s education includes Mechanical Engineering and Aviation Technology earned from such esteemed academic institutions as Brigham Young University in Utah and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, respectively. Inspired by nature, the “Aloha Spirit” of Hawaii, and the great fun and enjoyment that board sports bring to millions of people around the world, Nader Parsia endeavored to improve upon the form, fit, and function of existing bodyboard designs. He wanted riders of all skill levels to have improved control, increased stability, and a better overall bodyboarding experience! After long hours of extensive research, development, and rigorous testing, prototypes of the Hammerhead Bodyboard was ready to hit the water! By combining and refining adept engineering with advanced materials, the Hammerhead Bodyboard has been engineered to categorically outperform typical bodyboard designs.

Get Your Hammerhead Bodyboard!

If you’re tired of bodyboards that delaminate, fold, bend, snap, disintegrate, or get waterlogged after only a few weeks or months of routine use, then the Hammerhead Bodyboard has something new to offer you! Not only is the Hammerhead Bodyboard built to improve your ride no matter your skill level, it’s also designed to keep you riding longer in two ways. First, the ergonomic design of the Hammerhead allows riders to ride lower “in” the board and decreases their center of gravity while in motion. Secondly, the patented “wide-head” engineering and design helps to prevent muscle fatigue by allowing riders to better rest their arms and upper body in between sets. When the triple threats of aerodynamic, hydrodynamic, and ergonomic engineering are combined with aerospace grade materials and design and backed by a One Year Limited Warranty, the Hammerhead Bodyboard becomes the clear choice.  You can find all of our latest board designs and styles at the Hammerhead Board Shop!